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How To Be A Better Boss

Everyone has their own version of what it takes to be a better boss. Undoubtedly, you’ve read books, articles, listened to lectures or even took examples from our own life experiences, but the best advice that I’ve read lately was pretty unexpected. The most shocking aspect about it was that it encouraged one to think like a janitor. I know what you’re thinking— a janitor(?!)—We didn’t work as hard and sacrifice as much to direct our mindset, but hear it out. Here are the biggest takeaways from this humbling and eye opening mindset of a janitor. 

  • Being In The Know: Seriously think about which positions touch every person and department in your company— your maintenance staff are the only ones who are privy to conversations throughout the building. There’s a pretty good chance they know a lot more about your co-workers, staff and internal issue than you. 
  • Be Approachable: Do you know the quickest way to tank your company? Not being welcoming and open to your staff. Chances are that your staff wants to help better your company. If they cannot come to you for suggestions or concerns, you’re only hurting yourself. 
  • Demonstration of concern for your overall team and company: If a janitor hears a complaint, they are quick to fix the problem. As a leader, you too, should be as eager and responsive to your staff’s and company’s needs, wants and concerns. Showing people that you care about them will not only foster a positive work environment, it will also amplify productivity. 
  • You’re humble: We are all probably guilty of getting a big head at one point or another, but trust me, being humble pays off. Like the role of the janitor, your position is unquestionably important, however, humility and compassion go a long way and will beneficial wherever life takes you. 

As you very well know there are many moving parts to any successful business. Being the “boss,” we have all played the role of every person we’ve hired, to some degree. But, sometimes we may forget what we actually learned from holding those positions — mastering your direct responsibilities while showing concern and knowledge of the bigger picture. Implementing these takeaways will bring you back down to size and will not only improve yourself, but also, your company.