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Startup Stories: GYMGUYZ in Bethlehem Brings The Gym



• Founder: Josh York

• Address: 1604 Jennings St., Bethlehem

• Sector: Health & Fitness

• Number of employees: Eight employees at my GYMGUYZ Franchise in Lehigh Valley

• Website


Q: Where did the idea for this company come from?

A: The GYMGUYZ franchise started in 2008. We have been seen on CNN, Forbes, People, CNBC and Inc. I purchased the franchise in March 2016 and opened in April 2016. We are the first in-home personal training company in the Lehigh Valley and I own the franchise rights to all in the Lehigh Valley. I am partner in a chain called City Fitness in Philadelphia I have been in the health and fitness industry for over 15 years as an owner consultant and I felt this was great concept and this would be a great fit for the Lehigh Valley.

Q: Without disparaging any other company – what differentiates your company from the others in the sector?

A: What separates us from other companies is we are the No. 1 in-home personal training franchise that can train anyone anywhere that offers convenience, customizable and creative programming. We bring the workouts right to the clients’ doorstep, no excuses.

Q: What’s one big, possibly surprising lesson learned in building this company?

A: People love the concept but it’s so new that sometimes it’s still not to clear to people what we do and how it works, but once they speak with us they understand it and love it.

Q: Aside from cash flow, what’s the most important goal or measurement for the next 12 months?

A: Having happy satisfied customers that feel better about themselves because they worked with GYMGUYZ and developing partnerships within the community for causes we believe in.

Q: What’s one thing you’re most personally proud of in developing this business?

A: The impact we make in peoples’ health and fitness and overall lives from working with seniors to athletes to couples to kids who have been bullied or who struggle with their weight. It’s a great feeling to know you have helped someone in a positive way!