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Thinking Out of the Box Gym setting is common right now as fitness enthusiasts are tackling the decision of whether to head back to their old routines in big box gyms and studios or continue with their new at-home and virtual routines. Is it safe? That is the biggest question that clients are concerned about.

Although countries and states are reopening as COVD-19 slows, it may not necessarily be safe. There are many safety protocols that must be taken to protect staff and members alike. Not only do these locations have to be diligent with these procedures but have trust in fellow gym-goers to continue them as well. Think about it, even with reduced capacity, a gym consists of people breathing heavy and sweating. Is that an ideal environment when you are worrying about a communicable disease being spread?

But you do not have to worry! GYMGUYZ can assist you in continuing your fitness journey from the comfort and safety of your own home. With GYMGUYZ you can choose to still have an in-home session with a certified GYMGUYZ Coach who is taking the time to sanitize each piece of equipment before and after each session OR you can take advantage of the Virtual Personal Training (VPT) until you feel more comfortable!

Why add more stress to your daily life during this already stressful time dealing with a pandemic. There is no need to confront the big box gym just yet even though they are reopening. Take advantage of GYMGUYZ and the convenience and reassurance that our at-home workouts provide you with!

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