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Heading up a GYMGUYZ franchise means a lot more than merely owning a business. Because GYMGUYZ is not just any old business. The day-to-day operations require lots of legwork, not only in terms of putting the “right” trainers with the “right” clients, but also having the temperament to put out whatever fires that may arise. Conflict resolution is a criticial skill! One of the reasons the GYMGUYZ name and reputation have caught fire since the company’s inception is that the name itself has come to signify “intelligence in exercise,” and “unrivaled convenience” in the training and fitness industry. While all of this will assist you in terms of adding to your client roster and giving you an automatic boost in the respect department… it’s a two-way street!

I’m of course referring to the ground work that any GYMGUYZ franchisee puts in throughout the startup process and beyond. Remember, each of your trainers is responsible for understanding the proven, unique GYMGUYZ concepts and principles in terms of training methods and styles, continuing on to the ability to answer any and all relevant questions the client(s) may have — this includes general nutrition and dietary facts — as well as being personable enough where the clients keep coming back for more! And yes, you’ve heard this cliche before, but it absolutely applies to the GYMGUYZ way: your employees are a reflection of you. Surround yourself with good people and set a positive example through your own work ethic and ability to communicate.