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Mobile Fitness Brand Heats Up Westchester County By Bringing Personal Training To Customers’ Door

PLAINVIEW, N.Y. — GYMGUYZ, the mobile fitness and personal training brand, recently announced their decision to expand on a national scale through franchising in order to meet the growing demand for convenient, quality personal training. The 5-year-old brand has just pronounced another milestone toward national growth — the signing of 13 territories to their first franchisee, Sam Langer, to introduce GYMGUYZ to the Westchester County, N.Y. territory. According to Josh York, founder and CEO of GYMGUYZ, 24-year-old Langer is a perfect match for the aggressively expanding franchise.

“We’re ecstatic to have a smart, entrepreneurial and enthusiastic person like Sam to match the ambitious vision of GYMGUYZ,” said York. “As our first franchisee, he’s setting a fantastic precedent for the caliber of our entire future system.”

Langer has an impressive resume that York predicts will prime the new franchisee for success. The lifetime resident of Irvington, N.Y. relocated to the Midwest at the age of 18 to attend Indiana University and pursue his B.A. in business. Upon graduating and breaking into the business industry, Langer landed a dream job for any passionate sports fan — a project sports planner for ESPN. However, while working in the sports industry, Langer entertained another passion: fitness and personal training.

“After I graduated, I had two main jobs — both with long hours, long commutes and very little down time — but I always found time in my day to get to the gym, go for a run or get active,” said Langer. “However, I didn’t necessarily see the same motivation for fitness in my colleagues. I encouraged them to eat healthy, bring their own lunch, go to the gym and do simple workouts in the office, and in the process, became my office’s impromptu resident personal trainer.”

Langer shortly thereafter caught wind of an opportunity to turn his extracurricular passion for fitness into his profession. While on vacation, Langer’s parents had a chance run-in with York and his wife. After the couples exchanged pleasantries, they moved onto the subject of professions, and York explained the decision to franchise his mobile fitness business. Within minutes of hearing about York’s business, the parents called up their then-24-year-old son and connected the two men to talk shop. Since the serendipitous meeting in December 2013, Langer has been full-speed ahead with GYMGUYZ and is now planning to open for business by March 1, 2014

Indeed, Langer’s entrepreneurial drive for fitness parallels York’s history of founding GYMGUYZ. When he was just 25-years-old, York started pursuing his dream of building his own fitness business, even if it meant operating the company out of his parents’ living room. York says that the idea for GYMGUYZ came to him after graduating from college while he was working for a marketing firm during the day and personal training in the evenings. Synthesizing his marketing savvy, creativity, and passion for fitness, York came up with the unique idea of a mobile fitness company that brings all the quality equipment and services of a gym to the setting of the customer’s choice.

Five years after founding GYMGUYZ, the ambitious 30-year-old has continued building his fledgling fitness concept to full-grown status.

“Our concept is based on the principle of convenience, delivered with a revolutionary approach,” said York. “We literally mobilize our staff of certified personal trainers to bring our state-of-the-art fitness equipment and training programs to the most accessible venue possible—their doors. It’s that game-changing strategy that will allow us to continue growing our clientele through excellent service, as well as our national presence through franchising.”

With a focus on highly personalized training programs, each partnership begins with a series of assessments evaluating body, measurements, nutrition, fitness and personal goals in order to determine the ideal course of action for the client. GYMGUYZ trainers then use their expertise to structure workouts that will help each client meet his or her individual needs, tracking progress over the course and reevaluating them with a reassessment every 15-weeks.

From the business perspective, York also said that he hopes Langer will be the first of an extremely capable and successful network of GYMGUYZ franchisees, as he debuts the brand to Westchester.

“We’re gearing up for a record year of growth, given the extraordinary demand for top-notch fitness expertise, in addition to the demand for prime business ownership opportunities in a booming industry,” York said. “Individuals like Langer with a passion for fitness and business will be ideal operators to help lay a proper foundation as GYMGUYZ continues growing on a national scale.”


GYMGUYZ is a mobile fitness and personal training company based out of Plainview, N.Y., bringing their premier health and wellness services to the comfort of a customer’s home, office, or setting of choice. Founded in 2008 by fitness specialist Josh York, today the brand employs a full fleet of trucks to bring state-of-the-art fitness equipment and expert personal trainers to their customers’ doors. Whether providing one-on-one training or inclusive group sessions, GYMGUYZ helps equip individuals with the resources to reach their fitness goals. Propelled by a unique take on an in-demand service, and fueled by a passionate corporate team, GYMGUYZ is pushing itself toward significant expansion through franchising. For more information on GYMGUYZ, visit To learn more about franchising opportunities with GYMGUYZ, visit