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Last week, we talked about one of the (many) realities of being a franchise owner… specifically, a franchise owner your employees are a reflection of you. This underlines the importance of choosing the right people to work with. One unavoidable truth of being a franchise owner is that you may have to get a little ruthless in the selection process. For example, it’s important that a potential trainer knows the training protocols like the back of his or her hand and is very personable and friendly… but if you sense just trough their interactions with you that they’re not good listeners, perhaps they won’t be able to communicate effectively with clients.

What it comes down to is, hiring/not hiring someone is an occasionally unpleasant reality that faces every business owner. For example, realizing you can’t hire someone you consider a friend won’t be easy… but you have to follow your instincts. It’s always better to interview that extra person or few, than to settle for someone you’re not completely sold on. Think of it as a “chicken or egg” question, if you like: do the best franchise owners have the best employees because everyone wants to work for them… or are they the best franchise owners because they select the best people to work with? Honestly, there isn’t a definitive answer; it’s usually a combination of both. Be patient… and find the right people!