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As the leader in the unique field of In-Home Personal Training, GYMGUYZ has experienced rapid growth over the past year. Of course, business expansion and diversification can be a tricky thing in and of itself. Legendary Wall Street investor Peter Lynch, formerly of Fidelity (the investment and banking franchise), used to refer to this as Di-worse-ification. His point being, if you’re great at something, stick to it! Don’t get caught up trying to be someone or something that you’re not.

You can see how Lynch’s theory can be applied to the franchise process. At GYMGUYZ, while we’re always looking for new and cutting-edge ways of helping our clients get the most out of every workout, from their daily diet, and throughout their “regular life,” you won’t catch us selling frozen yogurt out of one of our trucks anytime soon. Okay, ever. We likewise won’t be getting involved with investment counseling or anything of the sort. We’ll continue to stick with what we know – consistently giving our clients the best workouts of their lives!