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Here’s a happy reality to chew on: no longer just “a small, upstart company,” the GYMGUYZ name itself has come to indicate quality. It’s no accident, either, but a result of a whole host of factors such as the company’s substantial internet presence… its clever and creative real-world marketing… terrific word-of-mouth… and especially the amazing positive results achieved by so many of their training clients. Thanks to the tireless efforts of CEO Josh York, GYMGUYZ is now a franchise and the company continues to expand by leaps and bounds.

Let’s face facts: to be a successful franchise, Name Brand Recognition is key… and GYMGUYZ has it! If you decide to become a franchisee and open your own GYMGUYZ, you’ll go into the process with a great business model and training methods that have proven their effectiveness over and over again. There’s a certain “domino effect” at play here, too. The GYMGUYZ Awareness Factor is much higher than it was, say, a year ago. As time goes on and more GYMGUYZ franchises pop up all over the east coast, that domino effect will serve to enhance your business by leaps and bounds. Name Brand Recognition in this case means potential clients will already have a certain awareness of the company and will need less convincing to come aboard.