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When any entrepreneur is thinking about their next business venture they often toy around with the idea of franchising. There is no surprise as to why they’d seriously consider franchising as it comes with numerous benefits. But, how often does the idea of mobile franchising get tossed around the table? This growing trend is the next evolution to the brick-and-mortar franchise model and it has all the perks— and more.

Let’s take a step back and remember the major benefits of franchising, in general:

  • Low risk business venture as this company has already been tried and true numerous times before
  • Marketing and training support from the Franchisor
  • Already established brand awareness
  • Little customer education needed
  • Buying power that saves you money on things you need

These five reasons are the biggest contributors as to why 2014 had the highest growth in franchising in the last eight years— with personal services being one of the top five highest growing sectors. There’s no doubt that franchising a brick-and-mortar establishment is a safer, more secure option when opening a business, but what about the associated negatives with choosing a brick-and-mortar outfit?

  • High start-up and royalty fees: payment due to franchisor plus renting/buying land, building out your franchise and outfitting it to look and feel the same as the others
  • Mandated raw materials purchasing through the supplier, which can often be very expensive
  • Lack of territory control: Have you ever noticed how many McDonald’s are near one another? Try about one, every 5 mile radius. Having such close competition hurts any franchisee’s bottom line.

These three big reasons also hurt the appeal of traditional franchising— as franchisees are dependent on where the franchisor grants new locations (of the same franchise), because it will hurt the success of their particular location. That’s where the beauty of mobile franchising comes into play. Let us explain.

Mobile franchising comes with all the bells and whistles of traditional franchising except it allows for much lower start-up costs, no rent, building codes or leasing expenses, more flexibility and, most importantly, more money in your pocket! Mobile franchising companies such as GYMGUYZ, enable entrepreneurs the ability to target their niche markets directly— to their door!

The power of leaving the office and bringing it wherever you want to is incredible as driving around spreads brand awareness, is free advertising, and gives the trainer/ owner the ability to connect with the public in a personal setting. Additionally, this model enables companies to target markets that would normally shy away from participating in their services. For example, if Company A wanted to implement an exercise program for their employees, they would have to partner with a local gym and offer a rate to their employees— with no way of knowing if they ever went and by doing this, it also nixes comradery and workplace stress-reduction activities (which are on the rise). A mobile franchise, like GYMGUYZ, can go directly to the company and tailor their services to Company’s A specific needs and along with doing so, it will incorporate a mid-day activity which will boost both employee satisfaction and morale.

Ultimately, the proof is in the numbers. Franchising is one of the safest ways to invest and start your company and mobile franchising is the evolution of this model. If you’re interested in starting your own mobile franchise with GYMGUYZ, call “> today, don’t wait to make your millions— the fitness industry generates over 28 billion a year in the U.S. alone.