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The grand opening of our newest GYMGUYZ franchise in Westchester, New York kicks off this week’s Franchise Reminder. Under the auspices of company CEO Josh York, GYMGUYZ began as a small business in Plainview, New York. That GYMGUYZ has achieved franchise status in such a short period of time is in its own way a ‘reminder’ of what hard work, focus, and dedication can bring about.

Not surprisingly, our new GYMGUYZ franchise will cover the large area in and around Westchester county. But consider… there are still enormous swaths up and down the state of New York that are essentially unaccounted for. Just as an example, let’s say you have a relative attending a school like SUNY New Paltz, up in Ullster County. A quick trek through the surrounding towns reveals a fairly concentrated area, in terms of the local population, many of whom are interested in activities like hiking and mountain biking… but perhaps don’t have the know-how to achieve the type of fitness they crave. Setting up a new GYMGUYZ franchise nearby would put one in a fantastic position to take advantage of situations likes these…