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There are definitely days when we all wished we could be our own boss. Perhaps, we’ve even seriously thought about taking the plunge. There are always going to be pros and cons of any job, however, what if you could open a business that you knew had a successful track record? Each month we like to check in with one of our franchisees to ask the ultimate question, “What’s it like to be your own boss of a turnkey business model?” Josh Grinstead, the new owner of three GYMGUYZ franchises in New Jersey will tell you.

Let’s start from the beginning. How did you find out about GYMGUYZ?
JG: In looking into business opportunities, I casted a wide net; exploring options from launching my own operation, to buying an existing business, to purchasing a franchise. I decided I wanted a turn-key operation that I could run and knew would excel, be fun, and make a positive difference in the world. GYMGUYZ is a slam dunk for that purpose. It’s an idea whose time has come and it’s going to soar.

You mentioned that you were looking at several different franchises and business models, what made you realize that GYMGUYZ was the perfect fit for you?
JG: In addition to the aforementioned items, when I met Josh York we hit it off immediately. We share similar values and beliefs. Culturally it’s a match, and again – it’s a great business opportunity that will truly impact the world in a positive manner.

That’s awesome! You opened up three franchises, what made you want to open up three at a time versus one?
JG: I believe the opportunity in Bergen County is superb and I want all of it. Greed. 🙂

Hey, it’s not a bad thing to be ambitious! We always ask our franchisees this question to show that not everyone comes from a professional fitness background, did you have any prior professional fitness experience before opening up your GYMGUYZ franchises?
JG: I am new to the fitness industry as a professional, but I’m a long-time practitioner, so the technical side of training is not new. I am a certified trainer as well. Additionally, the business side of this field is my wheelhouse. It’s a great fit for me and we will provide the highest quality service to our clients.

In a few sentences, could you please describe the overall GYMGUYZ franchising experience for anyone considering opening up a GYMGUYZ franchise or in the process of doing so?
JG: It has exceeded expectations on all levels. I had a great consultant and a fantastic team of advisors along the way. It takes time, and the financial and legal aspects require time and attention, but you make sure you take the time and give it the requisite attention it needs. It’s worth it. I am giddy with anticipation.

That’s awesome, we are so glad it’s been such a great experience! What about the GYMGUYZ franchise model was most impressive to you?
JG: Aside from the values of the company, there are many key business characteristics that are appealing. You can match variable costs to revenue and there is little overhead. This is tremendously important to me. On a larger level, GYMGUYZ is the leader in a new market, and the systems they have in place are mature beyond their years. It’s already a well-oiled machine.

All very true. What are some aspects of your new GYMGUYZ business are you most excited about?
JG: Making a difference in people’s lives is what it’s all about. This will always be front and center. We are going to very successful very soon, but more than that – growing this business is exciting in general. It’s just fun!

That’s awesome! You mentioned that GYMGUYZ has the same values as you do, which is one of the reasons why it was such a perfect fit for you. What do you think the biggest problem in the fitness industry is currently? How does GYMGUYZ avoid this problem?
JG: Easy: customer service, personalization, and accountability are lacking in the sector at-large. Online services and videos can offer neither, though they are flexible, and gyms have always struggled here. GYMGUYZ brings the gym to you with a trainer that will cater to your needs and ensure you have the structure and encouragement to attain your specific goals. With any other medium of delivery, you have to have the gumption to get up and put a video in or drive to the gym. We are taking away the excuses.

We couldn’t agree with you more! What are some of your biggest 1 year goals for your three franchises?
JG: In general terms, all three are one – and our goal is simple help people, do the right things always, work very hard and grow like crazy. I want GYMGUYZ vans to be ubiquitous on the highways and at the homes and business of our clients.

Last, but not least, do you have any advice you’d like to give prospective franchisees?
JG: Believe in yourself and don’t be afraid to take the plunge. You don’t have to know everything. Ask a lot of questions. Find something that you will LOVE doing, and take the plunge.

To learn more about starting your own franchise with GYMGUYZ, give us a call at 1888-GYM-GUYZ or visit us online at