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GYMGUYZ, the world’s largest in-home, onsite, and virtual personal training company, announced today that they are expanding their corporate wellness services. As variants of COVID-19 continue to emerge and cause more employees to work from home, the company will now deliver its corporate wellness services in-home in addition to onsite at corporate locations and facilities.

Since the pandemic began, GYMGUYZ has adapted its services for corporate clients throughout the U.S., providing in-home personal training for remote employees. It is estimated that by the end of the year nearly 25% of all professional jobs in the U.S. will be remote – an increase from 18% of those working from home at the end of 2021.

“We’re so excited to further expand our corporate wellness services to the in-home environment,” said Josh York, GYMGUYZ Founder and CEO. “Not only does this better support our corporate clients in response to COVID-19, but also can impact the health and wellness of millions of corporate employees around the world. This perfectly aligns with our core mission of bringing the workout to the client and transforming lives.”

GYMGUYZ has over 150 locations in operation and is uniquely positioned to expand its corporate wellness services to remote employees. With its fleet of branded vehicles stocked with state-of-the-art fitness equipment, GYMGUYZ can safely bring certified personal trainers, in-home equipment, and customized workouts directly to corporate employees. Using mandatory personal protection and hygiene protocols, GYMGUYZ also employs strict social distancing and no-touch policies at all times. CDC-compliant methods are used to sanitize and disinfect equipment in the presence of clients for peace of mind. Personal trainers are insured by several unique insurance policies, co-conceived by GYMGUYZ and its insurance partners, that cover all facets of conducting personal training in a home environment and meet the strict insurance standards of large corporate clients.

“In-home personal training may seem straightforward to deliver for a corporate client, but it’s actually very difficult,” said Phil Brojan, Chief Marketing Officer. “The complexity of scheduling and logistics, distribution and transportation of in-home equipment, and insurance and liability concerns all create significant barriers for both service providers and corporations alike. Only a national provider like GYMGUYZ has the scale to overcome these obstacles and make these programs a reality. Meanwhile, employers can greatly reduce their group health insurance premiums.”

Of note, the Harvard Business Review recently reported that companies have been expanding the wellness support provided to employees since 2020 in wake of the pandemic; and, that in 2022, wellness is expected to become the newest metric that companies use to better understand their employees. Additionally, a Gartner 2020 survey of 52 Human Resource executives found that 94% of companies made significant investments in their employee well-being programs with 50% increasing support for physical well-being. All of this bodes well for GYMGUYZ and its services.

GYMGUYZ is #1 in home personal training and provides convenient, customized and creative workouts to clients at the location of their choice. Founded in 2008 by fitness specialist Josh York, the mobile brand utilizes a fleet of branded vehicles that bring more than 365 pieces of state-of-the-art fitness equipment and expert personal trainers to their customers’ doors. With over 150 locations in the US, Canada and the UK, GYMGUYZ is one of the fastest-growing fitness concepts in the world.

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