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The fitness industry is growing fast – 54 million Americans are working out and the average number of visits per club is at an all-time high. With continued focus on health, fitness and wellness in America, more franchise concepts are being created to help Americans reach their goals and help solve the issue of widespread obesity rates.

Mark de Gorter, WORKOUT ANYTIME Chief Operating Officer, explains, “Industry stats will tell you that right now 1 in 5 Americans are heading to the gym and paying for a membership. What we’re seeing right now is a proliferation of our segment. On one side you have studios and boutiques with a singular focus, and on the other there is more of a value model.”

While every American may have a different goal in mind, everyone is recognizing the value of fitness and more people are looking to work out than ever before. De Gorter identified a new trend hitting the industry, noting, “18 percent of fitness members now have more than one membership. Americans are starting to customize what they want their fitness routine to be. They may join WORKOUT ANYTIME as well as a Pilates studio due to the low price point at a gym like WORKOUT ANYTIME.”

While fitness trends and fads certainly come and go, the overall industry continues to grow. Here are the top 25 brands helping that growth continue and diversify.


Investment Range: $72,725 – $92,450

Units: 70

The in-home personal training franchise focuses on one-on-one training, corporate fitness and group fitness. The brand’s fleet of vans travels to local areas with equipment for workouts including bodybuilding, kickboxing, weight training, senior fitness and more. The company has been franchising for two years and has added 24 units in the past year. Looking ahead, GYMGUYZ has announced it will open 100 territories. The “never quit” attitude set by the brand’s leadership extends to its growth strategy with a goal of covering 100 territories by the end of 2016.