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When you make the decision to join the winning GYMGUYZ team and become one of our new franchisees, you already know a few important things… namely, that GYMGUYZ is a growing, rapidly-expanding company, one with a proven business model. In general, many people interested in the franchise concept see the opportunity to go into business on their own in terms of “I’m gonna run my business, my way.” While GYMGUYZ certainly allows you a level of control, we also have the kinds of workable guidelines which the most successful among you will instinctively grasp. These guidelines have helped us to reach our current level of profitability… and will continue to do so!

Consider the way that McDonald’s often changes aspects of their national menu and even their overall marketing approach, while understanding that there are certain “limits” they won’t breach. For example, while 2014-era McD’s may shock you and serve a terrific cup of iced coffee, one that makes you think you’ve suddenly been transported to Starbucks… you’ll never sit down to a Happy Meal consisting of Steak Tartare, with mashed potatoes oven-roasted in clarified butter. GYMGUYZ is constantly changing its collective concepts and ideas for better fitness and healthier living, but we’ll never stray from our core ideals – to be the best there is in the unique field of In-Home Personal Training!