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We’ve already gone into some detail RE: how GYMGUYZ has gained a sizable foothold in the unique field of In-Home Personal Training, as well as how we’ve been able to expand our business into new territories as we’ve grown over the past year. But let’s say you’re interested in becoming one of our new franchise owners. You might be wondering how much give-and-take there is between GYMGUYZ corporate and our franchisees. Wonder no more…

At GYMGUYZ, we’re always striving to stay a few steps ahead of the industry ‘curve’ and ahead of trends wherever and whenever possible. Which roughly translates to, we love hearing about new concepts and potential new business ideas from our franchisees… and we encourage out-of-the-box thinking. If you’re new to the site, you may not know that GYMGUYZ founder and CEO Josh York began this business in his parent’s living room! If he hadn’t dreamed big and asked the right people the right questions, the company may not have gotten off the ground, despite the many good ideas he and his initial team came up with.