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So the holidays are finally over. And yes, despite your best efforts, i.e. keeping up with your GYMGUYZ workouts and not eating everything that wasn’t nailed down during the crush of parties, it seems you’ve gained a bit of weight over the past couple of months. And although you now have the confidence to “know” that the sluggishness and depression that comes along for the ride won’t be forever… you still feel like crap! So what’s your next move?

Again, there’s no magic bullet to be found here. You can probably guess the next move. And no, it doesn’t involve hours and hours of extra cardio, crash diets, or wiring your jaw shut. Simply put, the trick is to get yourself back on track. This includes returning to a normal food intake and (possibly) upping the intensity of your GYMGUYZ and cardiovascular workouts. Visualize the success and progress you achieved before the holidays. It’s true that we want results yesterday. Understanding that it might take a week or few to get back into the condition you were in, say, two months ago may be a tough hill to climb… but with your discipline, consistency, and focus, it’ll be that much sweeter when you not only reach your previous best condition, but surpass it!