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It’s one of the great feelings anyone can have… that moment when you and your GYMGUYZ trainer realize that you’re headed in the right direction and that you’ve been making steady progress. It could be handling more weight on certain exercises, getting more reps with the same weight, that your waist or dress size has come down several notches… or even that you find yourself looking forward to your GYMGUYZ workouts more than usual, i.e. that you literally can’t wait for your next training or cardio session! Your dietary routine seems easier to follow, too. Sometimes, steady progress is as simple as putting in the time and effort, whether in your “workout life” or your “regular life.”

Whatever the case may be, progress is a wonderful thing. You may even find yourself getting greedy and eager to not only sustain your improvements, but add to them. This is a good thing! Success leads to more success. Once you get a taste of progress, your motivation is stoked for it to continue and if anything, you’ll double down on your efforts going forward…