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Okay, so we are two and a half weeks into 2015 and you’re still going strong on your NYE resolutions— bravo, the first few weeks/month are the hardest part. At this point you may even be starting to prefer your new healthy eating habits, which is awesome. So how can we maintain our new ways and eat out at our favorite restaurants? Easy— with these hacks. 

  • When you’re out for breakfast/brunch:
    • Swap out egg yolks for whites and ask your server to have it cooked in olive oil (rather than butter).
    • Also, instead of eating white toast, try a high fiber slice instead (also, ask for it dry). 
  • When you’re out to lunch:
    • If you’re enjoying a salad, ask for your dressing on the side and opt to exclude high fat or carbs (croutons, salami, mozzarella, etc.). 
    • If you’re feeling like a sandwich, try an open-faced one (there’s only one slice of bread used) or ask for a high-fiber slice.  Also, save yourself the calories and skip the mayo! 
    • If you craving soup: Instead of selecting a soup with noodles, try one filled with vegetables or protein. Also, do your best to avoid cream-based options. 
    • If you just really want a burger: Sometimes you just want what you want— and that’s okay. Instead of biting a thick bun, how about using lettuce as your bun? It’s actually really good and WAY less calories. 
  • When you’re out to dinner: Going out to dinner is often because you’re celebrating an occasion, but not every meal should be treated like one. Avoid entrees that are saturated in sauces (especially, if they are butter or cream based) and stay away from anything deep-fried— select meals that are baked or grilled instead. 

It is possible to say on track and enjoy your meals out. The only thing you have to do is be mindful of what you’re ordering. If you have questions about your meal’s preparation, simply ask!