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Before agreeing to do something… anything… whether or not you’re consciously aware of it, any rational person will mentally calculate a kind of risk/reward ratio. Of course, the decision to change your life and begin exercising and living life the GYMGUYZ way was an easy one… but you still had to assess what it all meant, right? We even did this when we were kids! Although none of us may actually recall looking at things this way at 10 years old, wondering if the horror movie playing on HBO would cause nightmares, and should we actually watch it alone… but yes, the decision to watch it, or turn the TV back to ESPN, was based on “risk assessment.”

Even though we’re now adults, this still applies to our daily lives. Consider a business proposal… say, a tempting new job offer… or perhaps a possible career change. If your perception is that the potential rewards of the move outweigh the potential risks, you’ll be far more likely to take the plunge. Not surprisingly, this goes double for those of you considering becoming one of GYMGUYZ’ new franchise owners! Next week, we’ll delve into the specifics of risk assessment, as applied to the franchise process in general, and GYMGUYZ in particular. Not only will you quickly realize what a terrific investment of time and money GYMGUYZ is, you literally won’t believe how low the risk factor is…