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In last week’s column, we talked about motivation… how it often varies from day-to-day, and ways in which we can succeed on those days where our motivation seems to abandon us. Ultimately, it all comes back to “Mind Power,” which for our purposes will be defined as the ability we have within us to overcome obstacles… particularly those which may at first seem insurmountable. Of course, it’s more often something mundane, i.e. not wanting to go through your typical GYMGUYZ workout or stick with your daily diet. If your mind is strong, however, your body will follow!

Let’s take this a step further. We know that you can will yourself through a rough start to your day and turn things around mentally. I’m talking about ‘next level’ stuff now, though. When your GYMGUYZ coach is putting you through your paces, don’t just churn out repetitions… the plan is to blast through each rep with an intensity that even shocks your coach! In this case, it’s about putting your mind into your muscles, not merely lifting/pushing/pulling… but using Mind Power at every stage of the rep. This is how you get to the next level, literally and figuratively. At this new level, you’re not just going through your GYMGUYZ workout. Or ‘just’ following a solid daily diet. You’re using the power of the mind to ensure that every aspect of your fitness lifestyle is in perfect harmony. That’s the GYMGUYZ way!