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Summer is fast approaching! And you know what that means: it’s time to take stock of precisely where you are and (of course) how far you’ve come in your quest to reach peak condition for the summer months. While it’s true that summer ‘proper’ doesn’t begin for another three weeks or so, now is as good a time as any to take a step back, reassess… and either resolve to make adjustments in your day-to-day GYMGUYZ workouts/diet/ lifestyle… or simply stay the course and continue right on doing what you’ve been doing.

First off… how are you feeling, in general? And by that question I’m not referring to whether or not you’re fighting an illness at present, but how you feel day-to-day physically, mentally, and emotionally. Physically… do you look forward to your GYMGUYZ workouts as usual, or do they seem like a grind? If the answer is the latter, it may be as simple as not getting enough rest at night, or perhaps of late there’s been an overload of personal/work/family responsibilities. Either of these life-realities will do a number on even the strongest among us; it’s during times like these where you’ll be thankful for the terrific rapport you enjoy with your GYMGUYZ coach. They’ll go over every aspect of your day with you and come up with potential solutions! Generally speaking, it’s impossible to ‘bully’ your way out of exhaustion and/or overwork. But there are certainly ways to reinvigorate, regardless. In next week’s column, we’ll go over some of the time-proven strategies your GYMGUYZ coach will share with you…