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It’s September! Which means that despite what the mercury says on your trusty outdoor thermometer… summer’s over. The good news is, through your consistent hard work with your GYMGUYZ Coach, your positive experiences with the best of In-Home Personal Training, and a solid daily diet… you’ve reached peak condition! Yes, you’re in the best shape of your life. The question now becomes, how can you maintain that ‘high?’ Is there a trick or particular shortcut when it comes to maintenance, as opposed to striving for continued improvement?

In general, there really aren’t any shortcuts to speak of. If you and your Coach sense that you’ve been going too hard for too long, it’s ok to have a week where you back off the accelerator a bit, whether via lighter workouts, less cardio, or even a slightly more relaxed diet. Trust me, you won’t “lose” everything you’ve achieved. In fact, you may find the brief pause to be one that refreshes…