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Often times, our blogs feature initial interview articles with our newest franchisees to capture not only the excitement, but the reality, of what is it’s like to go through the process of opening a GYMGUYZ franchise. It is important to us that our GYMGUYZ family can speak for us as a whole when it comes to our service, practices and family-like atmosphere. Back in January, we had the privilege to ask Moses Hirshenbaum a few questions of what it was like being a new franchisee owner and the first franchise to open in Texas. Now, a couple months later, here is his update!

Tell us about the time between becoming a GYMGUYZ franchise owner and actually receiving your van?
MH: After the week training at GYMGUYZ Corporate Headquarters, I was very excited to start, but I still had a few weeks before I was getting my van. I used this time to “digest” what I had learned and tried to envision how my franchise would operate.

What did you do during that time?      
MH: During this time, I really put an effort into planning and preparing everything I could so that, once I had my van, I could start right working right a way. I used this time to focus on marketing initiatives, registering for services, joining local organizations and hiring my key staff members.

What was the most challenging hurdle you overcame during this time?    
MH: For me, it was hiring a Head Coach that would not only be an experienced professional, but also understand the start-up business world, and willing to learn the GYMGUYZ way.

What were some unexpected challenges that you faced and how did you overcome them?          
MH: Three days after I got my van I tore my ACL playing soccer! Luckily, I talked to my Head Coach and he did all the necessary foot work for me while I was “down” such as, guerrilla marketing, attending meetings, etc. I cannot stress the importance of hiring someone who will not only be able to train your clients in a professional, successful manner but also who is a team player!

What has been the most rewarding aspect you have experienced so far?     MH: Our first assessment that was our first sale, and that was even before we officially opened the business. It is an amazing moment when you feel an idea become a reality.

Tell us about your Ribbon Cutting that took place on Thursday, May 5th, 2016. What did it feel like to make the cut? (cutting of the ribbon)
MH: To be honest, I felt like a movie star! I feel both fortunate and grateful as with all the doubts, struggles, and fears I experienced initially along the way, faded. I succeeded with a lot of help from my wife, the GYMGUYZ team and Reynaldo, my Head Coach. We are proud to be the first GYMGUYZ branch in TEXAS!

Do you have any advice for people considering opening their own GYMGUYZ franchise?
MH: I think that owning your own business is not always easy you need to be ready to work hard and overcome challenges. However, if you decide to open your own company, GYMGUYZ is the way to go. They have a great business plan and GYMGUYZ will go above and beyond for your franchise business.

How are you getting your clients?    
MH: Right now we are doing “everything”: Google, social media, emails, circulating flyers, door hangers, lawn signs, events and more!

Have you found that one method is more successful than another?              
MH: Currently, we actually got our most clients from driving the van and lawn signs!

Anything you’d like to add?      
MH: To whomever is reading this blog, the most important thing is to be decisive, stand behind your decisions and take action. Do not get discouraged, no matter what may happen. The question isn’t, “Will it be successful?” It is, “When it will be successful?” Why? Because achieving success is just a matter of time.