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The Fitness Lifestyle, Part 35

It’s July — the heart of summer.  Sure, your usual GYMGUYZ workouts go on as scheduled, often in the (relative) comfort of your climate-controlled home. But to paraphrase a great old saying, “One doesn’t live one’s entire life according to their exercise routine.” You still have work, school, and real-life matters to think about… which means venturing outside and dealing with the elements, whether you like it or not!

So here we are at the time of year when daily temperatures often reach the 90 degree mark or higher, with massive humidity. What does all of this mean for the typical GYMGUYZ disciple? Simple: stay hydrated at all times! Don’t wait until you feel thirsty, stay ahead of it by averaging at least 8 oz. of fluid per hour. That’s not counting the 1 1/2 qt. minimum you should consume before, during, and immediately after your GYMGUYZ workout. Although to be fair, your Coach will always be on top of that and won’t let you forget to get your “drink” on.