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As we approach the end of summer, it’s time to take stock… physically, mentally, and emotionally. You’ve been diligent with your GYMGUYZ workouts, experiencing all of the benefits of In-Home Personal Training, and consult your GYMGUYZ Coach whenever a question or other issue comes up. Let’s say that your particular issue is that despite all of the hard work you’ve put in, you’re still striving to improve your overall condition. The question is, what if anything can you do to “get better,” while avoiding burnout?

If both you and your Coach agree that you continued to make steady progress as the summer rolled along, there’s no need to change anything. Just keep on keepin’ on! If, however, there’s a sense that you’ve hit a plateau, changes are needed. Perhaps a greater focus on sleep and rest will get you to the next level. A slight increase in your total weekly cardiovascular training also might do the trick. Even a minor dietary adjustment such as lowering your overall carb intake, especially after, say, 2PM, may work as well. In truth, none of these ideas will ‘work’ all of the time, so be prepared for some trial and error before you hit upon the right combination. Regardless, train hard, stay focused… and reap the best of what GYMGUYZ has to offer!