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Obvious Point Alert: Entrepreneurs don’t just get the idea to open their own GYMGUYZ franchise, put in a few calls to our corporate HQ… and presto… instant GYMGUYZ franchise. That’s not how the process works; it’s a lot more involved than a few meetings and phone calls. Before anyone sets up their own GYMGUYZ franchise, they’ll sign a contract – a critical step in any legitimate business arrangement — and one that is particularly important when it comes to franchising.

As a potential franchisee, you’re looking for a proven, successful system… which is why you’ve decided to partner up with GYMGUYZ! They’re a rock-solid, fast-growing company and have already got a lockdown on the various local markets they represent as the leaders in Home Personal Training. If there’s any piece of information in the GYMGUYZ contract agreement that seems unclear, we’ll waste no time clarifying and addressing your concerns, whatever they might be. You’ll find this sort of positive give-and-take between franchisees and GYMGUYZ Corporate not only before and during the contract process, but going forward as well!