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GYMGUYZ Looks to National Expansion through Franchising

Enterprising Fitness Expert Puts Premier Personal Training On Wheels:

Josh York’s GYMGUYZ Looks to National Expansion through Franchising

Mobile Fitness Brand Heats Up Industry By Bringing Personalized Health And Fitness To Customers’ Door

PLAINVIEW, N.Y. — When Josh York was just 25 years old, he broke ground on his dream of building his own fitness business. Five years after founding the mobile fitness and personal training brand GYMGUYZ, the ambitious 30-year-old has already built his fledgling fitness concept to full-grown status, serving more than 700 clients in the Long Island area. Today, York is looking to meet the growing demand for quality personal training by providing his mobile services on a national scale through franchising.

“GYMGUYZ is completely committed to revolutionizing how people think about and perform fitness,” said York, president of GYMGUYZ. “We understand that there just aren’t enough hours in the day for everyone to get to the gym. That’s why GYMGUYZ brings the gym to you.”

Literally mobilizing a highly capable staff of certified personal trainers, GYMGUYZ brings state-of-the-art fitness technology, equipment and expertise to the doors of its rapidly growing customer base. With a focus on highly personalized training programs, each partnership begins with a series of assessments evaluating body, measurements, nutrition, fitness and personal goals in order to determine the ideal course of action for the client. GYMGUYZ trainers then use their expertise to structure workouts that will help each client meet his or her individual needs, tracking progress over the course of a 15-week program.

York says that the idea for GYMGUYZ came to him after graduating from college while he was working for a marketing firm during the day and personal training in the evenings. As a trainer, York said he noticed that gym members would pull from a laundry list of excuses as to why they could not show up to the gym for their workout, whether working late, needing to get dinner on the table or being exhausted from a long day. Synthesizing his passion for fitness, marketing savvy and creativity, York came up with the unique idea of a mobile fitness company that brings all the quality equipment and services of a gym to the setting of the customer’s choice.

“At GYMGUYZ, there’s no waiting to get on a treadmill, no bullying customers into contracts, no hassle — just personalized training programs brought to your door,” York said. “We’re committed to helping our clientele meet their fitness, exercise and personal training needs at the most convenient venue possible.”

York says he has always possessed the entrepreneurial drive, even if it meant starting and incubating his business concept in the living room of his parent’s house. But, only five years after founding, York has propelled GYMGUYZ far from its humble origins, now operating with 25 employees and an entire fleet of mobile fitness vans to serve their growing customer base of more than 700 clients.

“With gym after gym opening up in the same markets, it’s no surprise that like the gyms themselves, the entire fitness franchise arena is incredibly crowded,” York said. “The issue is that all these gyms are basically the same cookie-cutter concept, so in order to really succeed in this saturated segment, creativity is key. That’s what GYMGUYZ is bringing to the table — something that people need and want—but can’t get from the big-box gyms: mobility.”

York also said the GYMGUYZ business model has already been proven itself to be not only convenient, but also lucrative. Like-minded individuals with a passion for fitness and business, York predicts, would serve as prime operators to capitalize on their own business pursuits, as well as expand the GYMGUYZ brand on a national scale.

“We’re seeing extraordinary demand for top-notch fitness expertise, and through franchising, we’ll be equipped to meet that demand,” York said.


GYMGUYZ is a mobile fitness and personal training company based out of Plainview, N.Y., bringing their premier health and wellness services to the comfort of a customer’s home, office, or setting of choice. Founded in 2008 by fitness specialist Josh York, today the brand employs a full fleet of trucks to bring state-of-the-art fitness equipment and expert personal trainers to their customers’ doors. Whether providing one-on-one training or inclusive group sessions, GYMGUYZ helps equip individuals with the resources to reach their fitness goals. Propelled by a unique take on an in-demand service, and fueled by a passionate corporate team, GYMGUYZ is pushing itself toward significant expansion through franchising. For more information on GYMGUYZ, visit To learn more about franchising opportunities with GYMGUYZ, visit