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Holiday Eating

Let’s face facts. For many of us, the time period between Halloween and New Year’s is a nonstop onslaught of parties, drinking, and ‘bad’ food, served in enormous quantities. It’s true that some people are spartans who refuse to alter their typical daily diets, regardless of circumstances. And yes, your GYMGUYZ trainer may be one of them! While everyone else is destroying the blue cheese/brie/water crackers platter, he’s swigging his trusty crystal light from a bottle. Later on during the actual meal, he’s grinding away through the planned chicken breast/broccoli/dry baked potato, leaving the others to (over)indulge in the rest of the salt, fat, and sugar-laden goodies.

So which type of holiday party person are you? The spartan… or the reveler? Honestly, unless you’re on a specific diet with, say, a defined weight loss goal, the general rule of thumb is to enjoy yourself! Of course, this doesn’t mean to eat everything in sight and stuff yourself to the gills… just to allow yourself to take your foot off the accelerator every now and then. Remember, you’re still training hard and doing your cardio workouts as indicated by your GYMGUYZ trainer. And if you should put on a bit of “winter weight” as a result of the aforementioned nonstop two-month party circuit, you now have the confidence to know that it won’t be permanent!