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The Fitness Lifestyle, Part 33

Well, you’ve survived 4th of July weekend and are already back to your normal grind. My guess is, you enjoyed yourself, but didn’t go overboard. Maybe you’re still feeling a bit puffy, maybe not. But it’s nice to settle back into your normal routine, right? What you’ll quickly find out upon returning to a set schedule — in this case, your usual GYMGUYZ workouts, the terrific advice from your coach, and typical daily nutritional plan — is that whatever “damage” you may have done is almost immediately reversed once you get back on the beam. The human body is amazing in its ability to adapt to almost anything… even a few consecutive days of partying!

This is also something you can chew on (pun intended) the next time you have a bad few days of either sub-par or missed workouts and/or a sub-standard diet, whether due to work-related stress, family issues, or general life stuff. You’re a GYMGUYZ disciple, which means you’re very strong mentally. Figure out a way to see yourself through the darkness, until the light returns. Don’t hesitate to ask your GYMGUYZ coach for assistance; they’ll definitely be able to offer the kind of verbal support that goes beyond exhorting you to complete another repetition.