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That Franchise “Niche”

Look at some of the most successful franchises out there. Although each may be in a completely different industry, the best and most profitable franchises all have a certain ‘niche.’… specific things that they’re widely known for. Consider… Starbucks is famous for its super-strong, high-quality coffees and teas, along with a myriad of always-fresh foodstuffs to enjoy as well. If you’ve been following this blog — and we know you have! — you’re well aware of the numerous positives of living life the GYMGUYZ way. And yes, like many other successful franchises (and in a very short period of time), GYMGUYZ has carved out its own niche!

So what exactly is our niche at GYMGUYZ? We offer each and every one of our clients personalized, In-Home Personal Training. Additionally, all clients have access to the wealth of training and diet knowledge that all of our expert trainers possess. So not only do clients (and potential clients) enjoy the classic GYMGUYZ private, one-on-one home interaction during regular workouts, your trainer also doubles as motivator, dietary counselor… and to some extent, modified life coach! This is what makes us special. No more impersonal trainer-drones barking out orders in a crowded gym. Trainers who do In-Home Personal Training, who connect with their clients on a personal level. That’s our niche… that’s the GYMGUYZ way!