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Cold, flu, runny nose, coughing, AND sneezing season is well underway! That means you’ll need to do everything and anything you can to stay healthy, and that might mean avoiding some things that may be working against you and lowering your immune system.

Sleep (or lack thereof): Lack of sleep can hit you two-fold – studies show that people who don’t get enough sleep get sick easier, and lack of sleep also effects how quickly you recover from being sick.

Exposure to germs: Being in public places is the norm for most of us and can’t be prevented. One of the most bacteria-ridden places is…the gym! Which is even more of a reason to work with a GYMGUYZ in-home personal trainer in the safety of your own home but, if the gym is your thing, be mindful of using hand sanitizer often and wiping down the machines after someone has used it (you don’t have to do that with GYMGUYZ though! We sanitize all our equipment according to CDC standards after each use). In any case, make sure you wash your hands, and be mindful of touching your face, mouth, eyes and nose when you’re out in public.

Overindulging and consuming too much alcohol makes it that much harder for your immune system to do its job. Prioritize eating a well-balanced meal and hydrating on a consistent basis. If you’re in the mood for snacks, opt for the ones that also provide some level of nutrition, i.e., dark chocolate and almonds or apple slices and peanut butter.

Being too sedentary. Oh, you knew we were going to throw this one in there! Being active is a natural immune boost and allows your body to fight off illnesses better. Did you know that moderate exercise stimulates your white blood cells and increases the circulation of your immune cells throughout your body?! Yes, go call your GYMGUYZ trainer now!