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The world has been struck with the COVID-19 pandemic, affecting just about every industry. The fitness industry has taken a serious hit due to stay-at-home orders but is trying to adapt – bigtime.

Most big box gyms and studios have a high probability, almost 90%, of closing for the foreseeable future. Crazy, right? This is true unless these brick and mortar locations already have made their move to introduce virtual classes or programs. If not, then, they are likely to suffer a greater impact and a more difficult comeback compared to the early virtual adopters. Establishments that were already offering virtual options and were quickly able to adapt to their clients’ needs during this time, like GYMGUYZ, have not been impacted as greatly.

Needless to say, brands that provided predominately or strictly at-home services, have seen sales fare much better during this pandemic. The reason? Clients who belonged to those big box gyms and studios with no virtual presence are re-thinking their fitness options and choosing to use at-home services, such as Peloton, Mirror, and of course GYMGUYZ.

You may ask how GYMGUYZ was affected by COVID-19 compared to these brick and mortar and at-home brands? We already offered Virtual Personal Training (VPT) prior to the pandemic, for our in-home clients that travel extensively, which caused little to no disruption in our average clients’ fitness routines. These Virtual Personal Training Sessions give our clients the best of both worlds, the comfort and safety of working out from their own home with live instruction, motivation and encouragement from a certified GYMGUYZ Coach!

During these trying times, it’s extremely important to be able to constantly adapt to an everchanging situation. This ability may ‘make-or-break’ any business in any industry. Many aspects of our daily lives will be greatly different post-COVID, but the ability to re-invent the ‘new normal’ will give consumers and businesses alike a great opportunity to keep growing and moving forward through innovation! GYMGUYZ is leading the way in that endeavor in fitness, thanks to our in-home vs. in-gym or in-studio business model. It’s a silver lining in an otherwise unimaginable crisis that we, and our clients, are thankful for.