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Yes, it’s true: GYMGUYZ is now a brand name all over the east coast! And not just any old brand name, but one that immediately signifies outright quality. This is one of the many reasons why becoming one of our new franchisees is such a smart business move. It’s not just about our low startup cost or even our patented successful business model… but about the instant respect people have when they hear the word ‘GYMGUYZ,’ even in conversation with friends. Whenever the company name comes up, the typical response — even from those who only know a little about who we are and what we do — is something along the lines of “I hear those guys are really good,” or “I was thinking about asking GYMGUYZ to train me!”

What all of this means is, becoming a GYMGUYZ franchisee gives you more than just a “leg up” on your competition… you’ll have what amounts to an unfair (but legitimately earned) advantage! As our name continues to penetrate the national consciousness, this will happen more and more. Potential clients will seek YOU out, not the other way around. And you’ll be shocked by how quickly you’ll begin turning a profit! In truth, it also involves lots of hard work, but can you honestly name something worth having that doesn’t? Of course not. Consider: the same number of hours you spend week-to-week busting your tail to fulfill someone’s else’s dreams… when you become a GYMGUYZ franchisee, you’ll start putting in those same hours in service of your OWN dreams!