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In Part One of our series, we talked in broad strokes about the steps involved when a person decides to become one of GYMGUYZ’ new franchise owners. It’s time to get into some specifics. Once you’ve put in the research necessary and have reached that point where you have more than just a preliminary interest, you’ll take (most likely) a series of meetings at our main office, so that each side can get a better idea as to what one ultimately expects from the other. This is kind of the “getting to know you” phase, which is critical to the franchise process in general… and to GYMGUYZ in particular!

At this point, it’ll be time to get down to business. Depending upon where you want to operate your GYMGUYZ franchise — you may think of the general location as your “base of operations” — our terrific management team will map out a blueprint for the eventual GYMGUYZ takeover of a large swath of territory… all within, say, a 50 mile radius. The area can be wider or more narrow depending on factors such as population concentration, the size of your staff at the outset, even your own willingness to drive distances! These are all important considerations; nothing is ever left to chance. To quote the great Oscar-winning actor Ben Kingsley, “Preparation, preparation, preparation!” That’s the GYMGUYZ way!