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In last week’s “Franchise Reminder,” we discussed the concept of Brand-Name Recognition — what it is, how it works in terms of its effect on consumers… and how it relates to GYMGUYZ in particular. This time out, we’re going to take a look at the notion of an established Business Model. When you make the decision to purchase a GYMGUYZ franchise… sure, you’ll be given a certain operational area (i.e. Ullster County, NY)… but perhaps more importantly, you’ll be taking full advantage of the company’s super-successful Business Model. Remember, with GYMGUYZ, each and every one of your clients enjoys one-on-one, In-Home Personal Training… workouts the way they ought to be!

Reality Check: Implementing a proven business model takes all of the guesswork out of owning and operating your own business. Any good franchise/parent company has developed a method of doing business that works well and produces results. Even better, once you “sign on the line that is dotted,” GYMGUYZ will work with you to implement its business model in your target area… giving you all of the support that you’ll need to succeed. Through years of trial and error, company CEO Josh York has a keen understanding of which methods work (and will continue to work) time and time again.