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In Part One of our series, we discussed the basics of the “franchise life” — specifically, what an average day might look like once you decide to become a GYMGUYZ franchise owner. Perhaps the most important aspect of your new life as a business owner is the constant need to stay on top of… everything! Not just the day’s schedule for your trainers. Or calling back a prospective client or few. Or working with our main office on the development and implementation of the unique GYMGUYZ marketing plan. You need to be plugged in to all of that… and more… every single day. As a GYMGUYZ franchise owner, this notion of outworking your staff isn’t merely about the “Boss setting a good example for his or her employees.” It’s not a pride thing, either. It’s not even ‘just’ about giving yourself the best possible chance for success… it’s about giving yourself the best chance for success on a grand scale!

It’s something of a cliche, sure… but in business and in life, it’s imperative to dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s. You already know this, of course. If you’re serious about becoming one of our new franchisees, you’ve already embraced the GYMGUYZ lifestyle. Which means you understand such things as discipline, focus, and determination. Building a fitter, stronger, healthier body is a challenge. Obviously, running a successful GYMGUYZ franchise is also a challenge… but with the same level of discipline, focus, and determination you used to transform your physical self… you’ll find franchise success!