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GYMGUYZ was recently featured on Fox News! Their morning show ‘Fox and Friends’ did a segment called “Top Five Companies Hiring Now,” and sure enough GYMGUYZ was one of the companies the hosts spent time discussing. GYMGUYZ expects to bring between 100-200 new people on board in the coming months. And we’re not just talking about potential franchisees, but also trainers, project specialists, and other support staff such as people with experience in sales and marketing, as well as those familiar with general office work, i.e. bookkeepers and receptionists. You don’t need to be an economist to realize that it’s ALWAYS a bullish sign when a company looks to add staff; it means there’s just too much work to go around!

Obvious Point Alert: As any business grows, more and more people benefit… whether that’s through an increase in available jobs with the company, higher pay, opportunities for advancement within the business… or all of the above! Right now, GYMGUYZ is in that magical “all of the above” phase! When you check out the clip from ‘Fox and Friends’ — posted throughout our site for your convenience — there’s only one possible conclusion you can reach: Not only is GYMGUYZ growing by leaps and bounds locally, there’s tremendous room for expansion into other areas of the country…