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Potential entrepreneurs! Think about this for a moment: the average person has never actually ‘hired’ anyone for a job in their entire life. This is normally true even for someone who has experienced years of sustained success in the workaday world. That’s right… another important aspect of running your own GYMGUYZ franchise relates to staffing. How many trainers and support staff are going to need to first commence your day-to-day operations, and then execute the GYMGUYZ training and business plans to the letter? Of course, as the weeks and months pass and you gain more and more new clients, you will obviously need to add to your overall staff. Are there hard and fast rules to this part of the process? And if so, what are they?

Not surprisingly, there aren’t any actual “rules” in play here, just general guidelines. See how your initial staff handles the ever-increasing workload that’s sure to occur as your business grows rapidly in the early going. It should be easy enough to keep tabs on your office-based employees and figure out when it’s time to add another position or few. Adding trainers, however, might be a little trickier. Let’s face it, everyone has a different tolerance for work. And when they are at their most effective, i.e. are they morning people? Here’s where your GYMGUYZ-specific, executive level experience comes into focus: you’ll need to closely monitor your trainers on a person-to-person basis and help them figure out their “best” number of total training clients, as well as working with them in setting their overall schedule to suit their particular strengths.