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If you’re already in or planning to join the business of franchises, than you’ve probably done a lot of research about the industry thus far. In fact, you’ve probably have made your rounds at local establishments, talked to employees and even have done a deep dive with the franchisor. But, if you’re serious about being a successful franchise owner, you need to also take a hard look at yourself.

So what traits make up a successful franchisee? Let’s go down the list.

Although you will technically own your franchise location, you need to remember you’re still representing a brand. You need to be able to commit to not letting your ego, of being the “boss,” go to your head as you still need carry on corporate’s ways.

Research has found that employees, whom have originally come from systems-based environments and those who successfully completed their job, but didn’t always agree with their boss, also are good candidates for franchising.

How about handling conflict? Although, you will definitely experience disagreements as an owner of any business, those who oppose conflict and are comfortable giving and receiving feedback are better franchise owners. Adopt the “team player” mentality, you might be the captain of the team, but you’re all still playing together.

Franchises do have rules and procedures put in place for a reason— to execute the same customer experience, regardless of the location. Being a franchise owner requires you to do your homework, know the rules and ensure that they are put into practice at your own establishment.

Don’t get us wrong; we love the world of franchising. But like any team “sport,” we want to make sure that you’re happy living and working in this industry as well. Your franchise will only be as successful as it’s core— you.