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Some of us knew that we were natural born leaders from the start. Others realized it several years into their professional working experience. Nevertheless, there are specific traits that trailblazers have that many do not. When taking on the responsibility of opening, owning and running your own franchise, you will need a lot on your side to make it a success, but perhaps the biggest aspects are inherent of you.

They don’t care (too much) of what others may think of them: Obviously, this may seem impossible since your reputation is seemingly “everything” in today’s society. But to focus on your business/project, you must put all your energy and passion into making that happen, not worrying about what others may or may not be saying.

They don’t conform: What makes any business or leader successful and influential? They’re individuality and uniqueness. They believe in what they stand for and don’t change it.

They’re emotionally invested: If you don’t love what you do, then it’s going to show sooner or later.

They turn off their phone: We all know that anybody is capable of turning off their distractions, but a leader really does eliminate all distractions when interacting with someone. They take the time to listen, process (thoughts) and are able to be committed to having a conversation with you.

They have a focus routine: What do you do when you need to buckle down and focus on? Good leaders are able to shut the rest of the world, albeit temporarily, and concentrate on whatever task they must accomplish.

They keep their mind active: No matter how many successes you may have had in the past, you must keep in mind that you’re living and working in the present. Keeping the creative juices flowing will stimulate both personal and business growth.

These learnings are based on cumulated trials and errors, and also the successes and failures of those who have been deemed “leaders” in our society. They are meant to be friendly reminders to help you, the busy decision maker, keep your “human” hat on and help make better choices because of them. The best advice of all still remains: learn from the achievements and disappointments of others and apply what you know to your everyday business regardless of the industry.