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If you’ve been following our Blog, you know that GYMGUYZ has enjoyed rapid growth over the past year. The franchise continues to expand, practically by the day. In case you haven’t heard, our newest GYMGUYZ franchise will be located in Kansas City, Missouri… right in the proverbial heartland of America! Not bad for the “small/local” business GYMGUYZ CEO Josh York began in his parent’s living room once upon a time, eh?

From the beginning, GYMGUYZ’ goal has been to expand beyond the norm, to go past other people’s limited expectations of what is and isn’t possible. Overland Park, KS resident Tim Marshall fully agrees with this notion and has signed on with us! As we speak, our newest franchisee is preparing to open the first-ever GYMGUYZ franchise to operate outside of New York State. Along with his mother, Linda, they’re looking forward to experiencing business (and living life) the GYMGUYZ way. Everything from Coaches to essential office staff is in place and they’re all set to open for business by the end of October