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You’ve been feeling more and more refreshed throughout your day, and are eager to dive back into regular training. Your strategy to back off just a bit has worked. Perhaps it’s the crispness of the Fall weather; more likely, it’s the way you’ve adjusted your training to try and shake the overtrained state you found yourself in. Regardless of the wherefores and whys, the important thing is that you’ve begun feeling like your usual self again and are ready to return to your typical GYMGUYZ high-intensity workouts.

Here’s another spot where your GYMGUYZ Coach plays a pivotal role. Generally speaking, it’s not advisable to jump into things full-bore. You could reverse the progress you’ve made over the past few weeks. Better to “split the difference” the first week back. In other words, your Coach may increase the intensity of everything – i.e. cardio, weight training – without trying to equal your prior work rate. If you’ve been working through giant sets of 30-50 repetitions for example, maybe a week of 15-25 for the same exercises is the answer. This applies across the board. The idea is to increase the weight (but not too much) and up the overall intensity, without going overboard. This may seem complicated in theory, but as you’ll soon find out, it’s very easy in practice…