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The phrase “cheat meal” conjures up different notions for different people. For some, a cheat meal is an all-encompassing feast where all caution is thrown to the wind and the individual chows down on everything in sight, including the napkin rings. For others — those who have embraced the GYMGUYZ lifestyle, for example — a cheat meal may not be all that far off from, say, a regular lunch or dinner. The portions may change, or perhaps the overall portions are the same but the composition of the foods will be different.

If you’re following GYMGUYZ principles of diet and training — and we know you are — you’re undoubtedly getting fitter by the day and are likely already closing in on your Summer Goal of reaching peak condition. The truth is, you deserve a break from the daily grind of always eating the correct foods in precise/perfect quantities. The cheat meal serves this purpose. In fact, it serves a dual purpose; not only giving you something to look forward to, studies suggest that going off your diet, even for only one meal, may stimulate your metabolism. Since your body realizes it’s no longer in danger of ‘no food,’ it takes itself out of so-called Survival Mode, which involves a reduction in one’s BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) as a means of trying to preserve as much body mass as possible. Anything we can do to up-regulate the metabolism is good! Next week, we’ll go into specifics RE: what sorts of meals and combinations you can try out when it’s time for that (wonderful) cheat meal…