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Time and again throughout the lifespan of this blog, we’ve discussed how the GYMGUYZ way is a collaborative one. It’s not about a Coach barking orders at his or her client, or even writing out a super-restrictive dietary regimen. The special relationship that forms between Coach and Client is one area where this collaborative process takes root. Let’s face it, none of us exists in a vacuum; without your input and your ideas, there’s no possible way that GYMGUYZ would have experienced the rapid growth and expansion we’ve enjoyed over the past year.

It’s now time for me to turn the blog over to you for a moment or two and ask a serious question: in what ways (if any) would you like to see GYMGUYZ diversify? Are there any budding trends in the health and fitness industry that you’d like to bring to our collective attention? Feel free to drop us a line at any time, we’d love to hear from you!