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Former NY Mets pitching great Tom Seaver was famously nicknamed “The Franchise.” Whether in uniform or in civilian attire, the mere sight of him instantly made people think ‘NY Mets.’ To this day (and despite pitching for other teams in his Hall-of-Fame career), Seaver is synonymous with the franchise with which he began.That sort of subconscious recognition is usually very helpful for a franchise, particularly one which is new or relatively new. Going forward, when people hear aloud or see in print the words ‘In-Home Personal Training,’ they’ll make an immediate connection: GYMGUYZ!

It’s the seemingly little things like these that help separate the truly successful franchises from the rest. You already know about the GYMGUYZ lifestyle and how enjoyable it will be to become your own boss. GYMGUYZ CEO Josh York and the rest of his fantastic support staff have already laid the groundwork through years of hard work, trial and error, and terrific ideas, put into practice every day through our network of coaches and clients. I think we both know that it’s time for you to join forces with a winning team — GYMGUYZ!