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Meet Our Team

  • Myicha Smith

    Certified Personal Trainer

    Hi! My name is Myicha I am a proud Certified Personal Trainer, a mother of four and a wife. My fitness journey began in the height of Covid, in April 2020. By March 2021 I achieved my weight loss goal of 90lbs. After reaching my goal I embarked on a new journey of strengthening and toning. I understand the importance of having a partner in these endeavors to help hold you accountable, keep you motivated and inspired as my husband has been for me. I am so happy and excited to help you develop a positive mindset, develop healthy behaviors and properly train your body and mind to reach your health goals.

  • Kenny Hodge

    Certified Personal Trainer

    Trainers Certifications & Education :

    • NASM

    Reason Why You Became a Personal Trainer :

    To assist others in reaching their personal health & fitness goals.

    Fitness Interests & Hobbies : 

    Sports, The Ocean, Cooking, Walks