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Resistance Training in Beaverton

Get Personal Insight from Weight Training Experts

Resistance training is all about using weight and resistance to produce focused muscle development. The resistance can take many forms:

  • free weights (dumbbells)
  • resistance bands/exercise tubing
  • body weight
  • sandbags
  • medicine balls
  • suspension equipment

Our Beaverton fitness professionals can guide you through effective resistance-based routines whether you are a newcomer or a highly experienced weight training guru.

Dial (503) 713-6275 to find out more information about our Resistance & weight training programs.

Some Benefits of Resistance Training

There are a number of reasons to dedicate time to resistance-based workout routines. Becoming proficient in the essentials of weight training can provide benefits that last a lifetime.

Benefits for Mood & Brain

Weight training, like other forms of exercise, is an excellent way to reduce anxiety and stress. On top of this, there are benefits for the brain as well with evidence that weight training can improve clarity of thought.

Bone Strength

Strength training not only helps to build muscle; it can help with slowing down the process of bone loss. As the risk of fracture increases with age, the strength of ones bones becomes an important factor in personal health.

Long-Term Health

In the later decades of life, muscle loss can proceed at a rapid rate. Maintaining muscle tone can prevent joint problems and risk of injury. Our certified trainers can help you create routines that will benefit you for years to come.

Forms of Resistance Training

F.I.R.S.T. (Focused Intensity Resistance Slow Training)

Slow training has numerous benefits. It frees up space to focus on technique. It can also reduce the chances of injury. Although it may seem like a less effective way to workout at first, the reality is that slower motions challenge balance and coordination in ways that enhance the effectiveness of a repetition.

Resistance Bands

Because they create a unique kind of resistance, resistance bands produce a unique effect on muscles compared to free weights. While weights provide a greater challenge at the outset of a repetition, bands challenge muscles more as the motion increases.

Suspension Training

These body weight exercises are an effective way to challenge muscle group coordination. They are also effective at placing an extra demand on the core. Their simplicity makes them an excellent way to build muscle with minimal equipment.

Learn more about our weight and resistance training by calling us at (503) 713-6275 today.