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A Franchise Reminder, Part 5

This week’s Franchise Reminder delves into the concept of teamwork, as applied to the franchising process. You already know the many positives that come about through teamwork. Consider your GYMGUYZ workouts and the terrific rapport you’ve developed with your coach over time. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with ‘going it alone’ when it comes to health and fitness, as opposed to living and training the GYMGUYZ way on a daily basis. The same goes for the entrepreneurs among you! It’s possible to succeed on your own in business by just putting your head down and grinding it out. Possible… but less likely than taking the franchise route!

When you make the decision to become a GYMGUYZ franchisee, nothing you do from that point forward will take place in a vacuum. And you’ll never have to stress about “being in this all alone.” From top to bottom, you’ll have an incredible support network, which will be available to you at all times. The relationship between GYMGUYZ corporate and its franchisees is a symbiotic one — when they succeed, you succeed, and vice versa. Sound familiar? It should. Because the GYMGUYZ coach/client relationship is quite similar: when you reach peak condition, it doesn’t merely reflect on your coach’s skill in terms of putting together a winning program… it also reflects upon your capacity for outright hard work and discipline… the same tools that will make you a terrific GYMGUYZ franchise owner!