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The Fitness Lifestyle, Part 25

When we talk about living life “The GYMGUYZ way,” it’s about more than just subscribing to a random collection of ideas… it’s an overall life path that you’ve chosen to take. The positive results of your choices have been immediate… and obvious! Alas, we’re only human. And we’re all prone to having Bad Days. The question is, “Are there any tips and/or tricks to helping us to overcome them?”

We’ve spent the past few weeks discussing such things as ‘cheat days’ and ‘cheat meals,’ and gone over some of the ways in which you can incorporate them into your routine, as part of your overall healthy, super-charged GYMGUYZ workouts and dietary regimen. Normally, this is a big net-positive, in that it gives you something to look forward to even within the context of the GYMGUYZ “Summertime/Peak Condition” program you’ve been adhering to. But what if you wake up the next day — this applies to any ‘next day,’ of course — and your motivation is lacking? Fear not! In next week’s column, we’ll go over all of the tips and tricks you can employ to overcome the occasional Bad Day… and stay on the GYMGUYZ path to success!