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Working From Home and Working Out From Home

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the most used acronym may very well be ‘WFH’. What is WFH? Work from Home. With countries shutting down and having strict stay-at-home orders, the workforce has obliged to continue, to the best of their ability, to work from home. Not only has the world had to work from home, but rather do everything from home.

Home-delivery service businesses, of all kinds, have soared during this time! Everything from grocery delivery, meal delivery, Amazon orders, and, you guessed it, fitness, too! Some people enjoy the socialization and comradery that a physical gym or private training studio brings, but no longer trust this type of environment in the wake of this pandemic. Furthermore, strict capacity and distancing rules now limit the availability of convenient workout times. Fortunately, the smartest brands and at-home services have been providing clients the training instruction and tools they need, allowing them to continue their fitness routines with ease from the safety of their own home. For those in the industry who are unable to provide these options, they could be at risk depending on the amount of time the pandemic affects business operations – which is predicted to be a very, very long time.

Despite having rocked the world, COVID-19, could be considered an opportunity for the in-home service industry, including fast-growing brands like GYMGUYZ that already have an international presence (US, Canada, UK). How could something so bad be good? Well, people have been relying on in-home personal training and fitness services during their time at home and have now realized the convenience they provide. With respect to GYMGUYZ, people have also experienced the results that come along with a fitness delivery model that is so driven by accountability emanating from a very engaged personal trainer with your goals in mind. Even as states and countries open their doors for business, many people are predicted to continue to use these services for convenience, time-savings, results and also, because some are afraid to jump right back into ‘normal life’ – and will be for the foreseeable future. What is ‘normal’ now, anyways?

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